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We have access to the best UK network for 5G coverage, Data bundles and Roaming! Based in Bath with a friendly & knowledgeable team, adding solutions for SIM Only, IoT, Data, Roaming and FMC has never been easier. Add our Partner portal and API first approach and you're in great hands.

Trusted by the world’s best telecoms companies.

Unlock great quality calls today

Our SIMs are powered by the UK's number one operator for 5G calls & data, we offer a fantastic management portal, API's and unrivalled support. Only available to Partners.

Integrate our service with your website

Using our restful open APIs you can integrate our fantastic service with yours! So you can deliver the best user experience. Building control into your service so you can monitor, activate and block services to keep users safe whilst controlling costs.

Our Values

At IQ Mobile we are making a difference by remaining true to our core values and pride ourselves on solving business challenges. Pick up the phone if there's a problem you want solving.


We have built a business on having great customer support by going above and beyond to get satisfied customers.


At IQ We have a small team of knowledge that boasts 40+ years of combined experience in the SIP and Mobile spaces.


We want our customers to have the best quality calls, the latest technology and of course safety & protection and strive to deliver this with our service.

Our Product

With an extensive array of SIM variations we have a mix and match style so any enterprise customer or partner can take our solution and build the right service for their business needs.



This service is for connecting your existing phone system to a native SIM so your employees can experience great quality calls using the 2G-5G coverage in the UK whilst still being able to have calls recorded and ext-to-ext call colleagues

From £13
/Per SIM/month

No Over the Top app required

No Data required

Unlimited Calls/Texts/30GB Data

Full Roaming Capabilities


An IoT SIM that could be physical or an eSIM, fits right into your project or device and is capable of SMS, Calls or Data from anywhere. If you're building something that needs connectivity then IoT SIMs might be the solution.

From £20

Low Data Packages

No Minimum Spends

Calls, Texts, Data bundles available

Quick activation options

SIM Only

We offer SIMs in all sizes for all devices and for all business models, whether you want Calls and texts as a SIM only model, or a DATA only SIM for a router we've got you covered.

From £7

Call/Text/Data Bundles

Roaming Capabilities

Physical SIM or eSIM

Parental barring control

UK Support


Connect our IQ SIMs to your business phone system or platform. Benefit from all the business phone features direct on a SIM Card, no over the top app or data required.


Partner Portal + API

Your graphics on the physical SIM

Wholesale Partner Pricing

Custom SPN Name


If your customers are building new technology that requires connectivity to send diagnostics home, or report security breaches the list is endless. IoT SIMs


Low Data options

Full Roaming capability

eSIM or Physical SIM

Conversion analytics

SIM Only

We offer all sized SIMs 2FF/3FF/4FF and eSIM, you can take our service as a partner and provide SIM only, Data, IoT, FMC and eSIM with the ability to buy any combination.


Unlimited Calls + Text bundles

Data Bundles

Global Roaming

Management portal + API

What People Say


Most of our partners are white labelled and treat us as their hidden weapon.

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